DINO AMUSEMENT PARK near Vilnius works:
V – 2 A.M – 7 P.M; VI, VII from 11 A.M – 7 P.M.
We can open the park for schools and kindergartens on any day, you just need to call in advance

+370 64518105
Tickets are available onsite for cash only or PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE
Visitors are admitted to the park until 7 p.m.
Space for relaxation, entertainment, birthdays and dinosaur exhibitions is now twice as much!

 +370 64518105  +370 64683017  


The unpredictable weather in Lithuania, when one minute the sun is shining, other one it is raining, make us ask: What should we do in such a weather?

There is an option! Dinosaurs and Amusement Park – Dino park of entertainment – already working!

Come to us! The good weather is always in Dino park of entertainment. So you and your family will have a good time and entertainment!

Children will get to know more about dinosaurs world, have a good time in various attractions and eat fresh meat which their parents cooked.

Our little friends will get a lot of entertainment: we offer a bowl of land, a bubble, an inflatable outdoor and indoor trampoline, a carousel, a train, a shooting range – a paintball, a spring trampoline, a shooting range with bows, swings.

So you can spend all day with your family. Just be prepare and take care of the comfortable footwear, rest facilities and get ready for good time.

The DINO dinosaur park is located near Vilnius, on the highway Vilnius – Kaunas (23 km), on the territory of the “Senoji Kibininė”.

We wish you a lot of fun and look forward to your return!

dono parkas_i spauda

DINO dinozaurų parkas įsikūręs prie Vilniaus, automagistralėje Vilnius – Kaunas (23 km), “Senosios Karališkosios Kibininės” teritorijoje.

Linkime smagiai praleisti laiką ir laukiame Jūsų sugrįžtant!