Who said that dinosaurs died out? Come and see by yourselves that in the new DINO AMUSEMENT PARK they are “alive” and can talk!
Come to the dinosaur park – it is the place to get strength from the magnificent and courageous animals.

Single tickets to the dinosaur park Price,  €
For adults (age 18+) 8,00 €
For visitors under 2 years old (with the document confirming age) Free of charge
For visitors from 2 years old 7,00 €
For visitors with a pensioner ID 7,00 €
For Lithuanian troops groups (10 and more soldiers) 7,00 €
For schoolchildren groups (10 and more schoolchildren) 6,00 €
For visitors with the disabled group I  ID (0-25 percent of working capacity) Free of charge
For children from disadvantaged families, on presentation of lists approved by tour, care institution and the school administration 4,00 €